Taking your travel and tourism business to new heights with bank-beating foreign exchange

Make and receive same-day, competitively priced transfers.

  • Quickly and easily exchange over 35 currencies across 130+ countries
  • Market-leading, competitive rates – no hidden fees or surprises
  • Get instant rates and make same-day transfers 24/7 online

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        Access low-cost money transfers in under two minutes

        Managing your travel and tourism clients’ international payments doesn’t need to be a hassle. Through our bespoke online platform and expert guidance, we’ll help you secure the best rates possible and make efficient transactions, keeping you up to date at every step of your exchange.

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        Save on your international transactions with a forward contract

        Turbulent exchange rates make it hard to judge how much you’ll pay at any one time. We can help you secure a more favourable exchange rate by executing a forward contract, which allows you to lock in a rate for a date in the future.

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        Have a clearer idea of your regular business costs

        When making frequent international payments for your travel and tourism business, the costs involved will vary. With a forward contract, you’ll have more certainty of your costs for the future, helping to keep your cash flow predictable and easy to manage.

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