Making foreign exchange smooth sailing for your shipping business

Protect your business’ bottom line.

  • Access market-leading, competitive rates – no hidden fees or surprises
  • Mitigate the impact of currency risk on your international payments
  • Make same-day transfers and manage your payments 24/7 online

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        Keep track of every transaction and exchange money, hassle-free

        From docking fees to crew salaries and fuel costs, international payments will be key to the daily operations of your shipping business. We’re helping to streamline this process with our easy-to-use, completely secure online platform, which lets you transfer over 35 currencies across 130+ countries.

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        Consider a forward contract for cost-effective transfers

        Even slight shifts in a currency’s value can make a big difference to the price of your international payments. Our dedicated currency specialists can help protect your funds from unwanted exchange movements by securing a fixed exchange rate or forward contract for the future.

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        Plan your future cash flow without worrying about currency fluctuations

        When you agree your rates ahead of time, you can be certain of what your costs for buying and selling overseas will be, helping you manage your cash flow and plan for the future. We’ll help you secure competitive rates that are transparent and market-leading.

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