What’s a BSC?

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BSC is an acronym sometimes used in place of the more commonly used Bank Sort Code, or just sort code. A system introduced to the UK in the 1960s, unique sort codes are used to identify specific bank and branches to make transactions faster and more reliable.

Called a sort code in the UK, the American equivalent would be the American Bankers Association number (ABA).

You’ll find your bank sort code on your bank card, any of your bank statements or in your account details within the secure area of your online bank.

How does a sort code work?

A sort code works because of the numbers it’s made up of, usually arranged in three groups of two like this: 11-22-33. Let’s break these down:

  • The first two numbers identify the bank
  • The last four identify a particular branch of that bank

When do you need to use a sort code?

If you’re making a payment to or from a bank in the UK internationally or domestically, you’ll always need to provide the relevant sort code.

The Clear Currency effect:

Keep it simple


You probably know a BSC better as a sort code.

UK banks

You’ll always need your sort code to make or receive payments to a UK bank.

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