Converting overseas profits

We can help you convert profits made from your business overseas into over 35 currencies quickly, easily and securely. Our expert service guards against fluctuating and inflated exchange rates, we simplify complicated time-consuming procedures and we don't charge fees.

What’s involved in converting overseas profits into pounds?

Let’s say you’re an established but growing SME based in the UK but with satellite offices running operations in Dublin and Dubai. Your presence in each country is big enough to have a permanent office, employed staff and a domestic bank account.

Your operational costs and business revenues for these satellites are in euros and dirhams, which may be fine for the day to day, but at some point you’ll likely want to repatriate the revenue to the pound or another currency for, say, tax reasons or to invest in a new market. But leaving your foreign exchange up to your various international banks is a costly mistake to make.

Relying on banks leaves you exposed to a raft of hidden costs – especially when transferring from one foreign currency to another where unfamiliar systems and levies are commonplace. Some banks even take a fee from both the sending and receiving accounts, effectively charging you twice if you’re transferring between your own accounts.

Alongside inflated exchange rates, costs can run to 5-6% of each transaction – serious money. Clear Currency offers another way that reduces your costs to less than 1%. And we’ll help you manage your multiple exchanges across multiple currencies and jurisdictions more efficiently, so you can minimise your exposure and risk easily and economically.

It takes two minutes to open a cost-free no obligation Clear Currency account with no hidden fees, exchanges based on the mid-market rate so you’re always getting the best deal and an expert team only a phone call away. We can handle payments in more than 35 currencies, all ready to transfer into your UK bank account within a day – a quick, simple and cheap way to repatriate your profits.

We’re authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.

Don't ignore currency conversion

We can help you get the best value when you convert your overseas profits.

It’s never been easier to operate a business internationally. From importing and exporting parts and products to employing overseas workers remotely, the opportunities are there for companies small and large to take advantage of. But while most take advantage of technology that makes international business easier, it’s easy to ignore how best to convert foreign currencies into profits in pounds.

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